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Matrimonial & Family Settlements

Where one or both spouses/civil partners has an interest in a business, the value of the business and the ability to withdraw funds from the business can be key to the matrimonial settlement. The DTE Forensic Accounting Services team has acted in numerous matrimonial matters covering a wide variety of businesses, with settlements ranging from less than £100,000 to multi-millions of pounds.

The overriding aim of DTE Forensic Accounting Services is to explain clearly the financial issues to aid the cost effective settlement of disputes. We offer our team’s extensive experience to provide independent and objective advice in the financial aspects of matrimonial disputes, including:-

  • An initial assessment of the value of shares in private companies
  • Evaluating the ability of the parties to raise funds on the strength of their ownership of shares and other assets
  • Unearthing hidden assets
  • Advising on tax implications on the division or disposal of assets
  • Reviewing pension assets

We are pleased to be instructed either as Single Joint Expert or on behalf of the Applicant or Respondent.

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