Financial Due Diligence

Our Corporate Finance team has wide experience of providing financial due diligence to companies, Banks and private equity houses in simple or more complex leveraged transactions.

As a key element in any acquisition process we feel that the objectives of the due diligence are best achieved by working closely with our clients to develop together a scope of investigation which meets their requirements.

We work hard at ensuring that the format is tailor made for the client and identifies all issues immediately.

When we complete our work we will:

  • Use industry-focused professionals who are able to identify hidden risks.
  • Focus on issues which impact upon valuation of the target.
  • Help identify any potential deal stoppers and guide the lawyers accordingly by providing input to the sale and purchase agreement.
  • Where the scope of work develops to cover specific areas of client concern we will use specialists from other areas within the DTE Group. This may include advice on taxation, pensions, insurance, or other commercial issues.

Our objective is to:

  • Work very much alongside our client as a valued team member.
  • To concentrate our investigation on areas that really matter to the client and the funders and provide valuable, appropriate and concise reports.
  • Complete our work within the time scales set and to regularly communicate all key issues that arise.
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