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International Tax Issues

Investing in a business in the UK or overseas, or moving to a different country, will nearly always have important tax implications for you or your business. The UK and the overseas country in question will have tax rules which apply in these circumstances, and they are very unlikely to be the same. By taking advice early, you can make plans in the knowledge that there will be no hidden surprises when the taxman becomes involved.

As a member of TIAG we have close links with local accountancy, tax and legal specialists in over 70 countries to deliver the solutions that you need, wherever you need them.


The UK is an attractive market for overseas businesses and investors. Investing in a UK business, or coming to live or work here, will have tax consequences both in the UK and in your country of origin that must be considered before taking any action.

Our approach is to understand your objectives, explain the alternatives and provide clear, incisive advice that will assist you to make the right decision.

Issues on which we routinely advise clients include:

  • The choice of business structure in the UK
  • Tax-efficient methods of financing a UK business or asset
  • Transfer pricing, tax treaties and withholding taxes
  • Offshore ownership of assets, including the ownership and exploitation of intellectual property
  • Coming to the UK: tax residency and the tax benefits available to non-domiciled individuals
  • Strategies for the sale of UK businesses and assets


Whether you are investing overseas for the first time or extending your international operations, we can advise you on the tax issues and opportunities so that your investment can operate efficiently and at minimum tax cost.

Working together we advise our clients on:

  • Tax-efficient business vehicles in the overseas country
  • Ownership structures that facilitate tax-efficient income and capital extraction
  • Cross border financing structures
  • Transfer pricing
  • Expatriate tax issues for UK employees going to work abroad
  • Repatriating cash to the UK with minimal tax costs, including the implications of tax treaties and withholding taxes

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