Preserving your Wealth

Ensure that the bulk of your estate goes to your beneficiaries and not HMRC – How many times have you heard that? But, poor planning can cost your beneficiaries thousands of pounds in Inheritance Tax (IHT). However, it is possible to significantly cut down on the amount of IHT your beneficiaries pay, or even pay none at all.

More often than not this will simply involve writing a suitable will using a qualified solicitor or will writing service. However, planning may also involve arranging for life insurance and pension plans to be placed under trust to maximise the tax efficiency of these arrangements and to make certain that their value is passed to the intended beneficiaries promptly and efficiently. Where an estate is larger, or where more of the value is held in investments, we can analyse whether it would be affordable to make lifetime gifts to family members or whether more advanced trust structures, such as Loan Trusts and Discounted Gift Trusts, are suitable.

Our service also extends to clients who are Non-UK domiciled and in such cases special consideration needs to be given to estate planning.

DTE Financial Planning is the trading name of DTE Risk & Financial Management Limited (registered in England number 01967512) which is Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate wills or trusts

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