Hosted / Cloud Based Solutions

Firstly, what is a hosted system? A hosted / cloud system generally refers to a complete outsourced IT managed service where the technology used to deliver the service usually resides in a location other than your own office environment.

Managed externally running on the state of the art Microsoft servers you're in very safe and secure hands. All you need is an internet connection to access the service and you will instantly gain access to your Windows desktop, with all the benefits of an on-premise solution such as Microsoft Office and shared and personal file access. We can customise the system to support most business applications that you need to run.

On top of all this you get the additional benefits of a hosted / cloud solution i.e. no more worries about costly spend on hardware, always backed up data, disaster recovery resilient and predictable running costs. You can even save money with your desktop hardware because you can use any device to access the service including your desktop computer, iPad or tablet. If you require custom applications to be included then we can provide this for an additional cost.

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