Forensic Accounting

The extensive experience of DTE Forensic Accounting, established in 1989, enables us to provide cost efficient, independent and objective expert evidence and advice in litigation, investigations and disputes. We act on the instruction of solicitors, insurance companies, corporate and personal clients, local authorities and government agencies.

We aim to assist in improving the efficiency of the litigation process and will use our analytical skills, extensive reference material and our understanding of the law to identify the key issues and channel enquiries into the most relevant areas and report on our findings. We aim to provide clear, objective and well researched reports, which will be readily understood by non-accountants and which will be provided on a timely basis, at a competitive fee rate. In advance of any assignment, we will, as requested, provide an estimate of our fees and the likely timescale within which we would expect to produce our report.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss prospective matters informally. In most circumstances, we will be pleased to provide a letter setting out the key issues which we consider would need to be addressed, the further detailed work we would expect to perform in the matter and an indication of our likely fees.

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