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Your trusted IT support

11 December 2015

When you choose DTE for our IT services in Manchester you get a complete service. Not only do we provide telephone support for all IT enquiries, we also provide onsite and remote IT support as well.

Whether you’re a small company with only a few employees, or a large multi-national corporation, if you use any kind of IT related programmes such as internet, email or you use computers, it is vital that you have adequate IT support.

It can cost you, in both time and money, if you run into problems in this area. Having a quality IT support company in Manchester to keep things running smoothly, and crucially, to fix them when they go wrong can be invaluable.

By choosing DTE to run your IT services in Manchester, you can focus on the important parts of your business; the day-to-day running and main element of your business. You can choose some or all of our IT services depending on your specific needs.

Our onsite, remote and telephone services include:

• Firewall, routers and switches

• PC’s, laptops and servers

• Printers and scanners

• Software and anti-virus protection

• General health checks

• Backup solutions

• Network cable installations

• Support towards office moves and relocations

• Accountancy software setup, installation, updates and advice

• Conference facilities

• Comms room setup and maintenance

• Cloud / hosting consultancy

• Telecommunication installation, advice and support

• Review of your current IT Infrastructure

Don’t leave your business unprotected; contact DTE to see how our IT services in Manchester can help you and your business. Leaving it to chance or adopting the “it will never happen to me” stance

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