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How long does it take to crack your password?

29 April 2022

by Kevin Welsh, IT Manager

Cyber security specialists, Hive Systems, have researched password patterns and devised a matrix that can tell how long it will take to crack your password. The results are eye-opening to say the least.

Although it can often seem like a nuisance, there is a clear reason websites demand a combination of numbers, special characters, upper and lowercase letters.

So, how long will a hacker need to crack my password?

If you would like to test your password combinations to determine how secure they are, here is a fantastic website to use. You will be amazed!

Top Tip: Use a Password Manager

Using a reliable password manager is key. This should be compatible with all of your devices. It enables you to save multiple passwords in encrypted form to save you having to remember them. Your passwords may be accessed with a single strong master password.

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