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Why backup tests are essential

4 December 2015

In an earlier blog, we outlined the importance of having adequate disaster recovery measures in place, in the event of a disruptive event, and how our IT services in Manchester could be of help. We thought we’d take the opportunity in this weeks blog to highlight the importance of making regular backup tests.

Companies can make large investments, both with regards to time and money, on backup systems thinking they’ve covered themselves in case of an emergency. However, all too often, companies shoot themselves in the foot by failing to regular test their backup system; resulting in catastrophic results.

Think it won’t happen to you? Think you’re too smart for that? Read this story and then see what you think…

Pixar are undoubtedly the King of animated films with amazing, Oscar winning movies such as Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, WALL-E, Up and Brave under their belt. Their most famous and well-loves series of films is inarguably Toy Story.

However, Toy Story 2 came very close to being significantly delayed as Pixar came very close to losing a very large portion of Toy Story 2. Why? Because they hadn’t tested their backup system in a while and someone did a remove all command by accident. When they came to restoring the backup they realized their backups hadn’t been working for a month!

Pixar admitted that there were potentially around 20 to 30 man-years of work that may have been lost. Luckily, the then technical director of the film had been making copies of the entire film and transferring it to her home computer, so she could work from home and see her family and kids.  After an anxious trip from the Pixar offices to her home and back, they discovered that most of the film was saved and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief!

Still think it won’t happen to you? Contact DTE to help with your backup solutions and for all of our IT services in Manchester 0161 767 1200 |

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