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Tax Update Seminar – Autumn 2015

22 October 2015

Join us for an Autumn Tax Update seminar, designed for accountants in practice. Have you booked your place?

On Tuesday 17th November 2015, we will be hosting our seminar at our headquarters in Bank Street, Bury. If you haven’t registered your place you can do so now.

From 10.30am we will be discussing the proposed changes to Inheritance Tax for the family home and trusts. Capital Gains Tax incorporation will be touched upon – where are we? Do we dis-incorporate? As well as a Profit Extraction update.

Major changes are to take place for those workers who currently benefit from the present regime and self-employed individuals are also under attack, so expenses and related issues will be covered.

To cap off the morning session we will be looking at understanding the future and how getting it wrong will be expensive. Then at 1pm it’s everyone’s favourite part – lunch!

The afternoon session starts at 2.00pm where we will kick off with Dividends – are they still the right thing to do? How do dividends interact with the new directors’ loan account rules? Then we’ll finish off with an overview of the 2015 Budgets and a review of all the important provisions of the Finance Act 2015 and the Summer 2015 Finance Bill.

The Autumn Tax Update seminar is priced at £95.00 pp, or can be used by DTE Connect Members as part of their free places allocation.

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