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Tax Consultancy: One week left for Solicitors to declare the tax they owe.

3 June 2015

Through the “Solicitors Tax Campaign” HMRC are offering preferential terms to those who work in the legal profession as a solicitor within a partnership or limited liability partnership, in a company or self employed who want to disclose any past income, gains or other undisclosed tax liabilities.

To benefit from the terms offered you must notify HMRC of your intention to disclose and pay any tax by 9 June 2015. Anyone who does not pay what they owe will face penalties of up to 100% of the tax due.

If you believe you have a disclosure to make, there are still opportunities to approach HMRC and if you would like to discuss any issue you may have in confidence please contact Alan McCann – Head of Tax Dispute Resolution on 0161 767 1291 or email

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