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Getting in the IT crowd

19 November 2015

Looking for IT services in Manchester? You may not be aware, but as well as providing help with tax and other accountancy issues, here at DTE, we also provide a range of vital IT services in Manchester.

Just some of the IT services we provide include: Onsite, remote & telephone support, Firewall, wireless networks and cloud hosting, PC’s, laptops and servers, Printers and scanners, Software and anti-virus protection, General health checks and Backup solutions.

However, one of the most important issues when it comes to IT Support and your business, is disaster recovery and unfortunately, to the detriment of many companies, it often gets overlooked.

But what is disaster recovery and why is it important?

Well, whenever a significant event occurs that disrupts the efficacy and productivity of your business, whether this is due to a system failure or something more insidious such a virus or malware, the process by which you resume business is known as disaster recovery. If you do not have sufficient measures in place to ensure vital data can be recovered, resuming work can be difficult, or even impossible.

Backing up your data is an integral part of ensuring your disaster recovery is a success. Part of our IT services in Manchester is explaining what the different kinds of backup options there are available.

Storing your data backups at an off-site location is the best way to ensure a copy of your most critical data will remain safe from any disruptive event, and what better way to achieve off-site separation than by storing your data at various centres located across the UK.

Cloud backup refers to backing up data to a remote cloud-based server. Cloud backup solutions enable businesses to store their data on the internet using a storage service provider, rather than storing the data locally on a physical disk, such as a hard drive or tape backup.

For those businesses that are reluctant to use cloud services, traditional storage tapes or external hard drives are ideal for business that want their data securely storing off-site due to their portability.

Thinking that it will never be an issue or won’t happen to you is the approach some business take – with disastrous consequences. Unplanned downtime events, whether caused by a natural disaster, human error, or hardware failure can have an immediate and long-term, negative impact. Take steps to ensure your business can quickly and easily recover its IT infrastructure and data, and minimise the impact by being prepared, by contacting DTE and enquiring about the IT services in Manchester we provide  0161 767 1200 /

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