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The Importance of General Health Check-ups

21 November 2022

Often, businesses are notoriously bad when it comes to checking the health of their computer and IT systems. Businesses often seek information on firewall solutions, cabling, anti-virus protection and other IT support services, but neglect general health check-ups. They may not see the importance. However, we are here to change that. This blog will explain why health checks are important for your IT system and how they can help.

Here at DTE, we value general health check-ups immensely and we offer it as part of our range of IT services.

Why are health check-ups important and how can they help?

The longer you have your computer or IT system, and the more you use it, the slower it becomes. The reason for this is because whenever you create, download, and delete files or applications, traces are left behind. Since 100% of it doesn’t actually leave your computer, it clogs it up and causes it to run slowly. The residue doesn’t show up on the surface, so you go about your business as your system more and more. You may experience a decrease in performance as a result.

The regular maintenance of your computer system will ensure that all the waste material left behind is removed and that it runs efficiently. It’s important to complete regular computer health check-ups for optimum performance. Otherwise other problems can arise, including:

  • Data loss
  • Privacy breach
  • Sensitive files left exposed

Here at DTE, our range of IT services, including general health check-ups, can ensure your computer system is clean as a whistle running smoothly. Contact us for more information 0161 767 1200.

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