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Every cloud has a silver lining

15 March 2016

Here at DTE we are pleased to be in a position to offer our clients the very best IT Services Manchester has to offer. Our IT services cover Bolton, Bury, and Rochdale amongst other areas in the North West. Part of our IT service strategy is to offer a bold and reliable Cloud Hosting and Consultancy Service.

We believe that Cloud Hosting is an important solution, especially when it comes to hosting your company’s website and securely storing data. Today we will discuss how a Cloud Hosting service can help your business avoid any loss of data.

First of all backing up your files is essential when it comes to your business. Although you may feel that keeping a backup of everything on one physical server is fine, what would you do if the server was to fail? Servers don’t always get the TLC they deserve.

Servers are often overlooked as they may not sit directly in your office. You save a document, and then off it goes somewhere, waiting for you to access it again when it is needed. A server failure can however leave you without the document when you need it the most. Furthermore, a server failure can lead to permanent data loss.

Ensuring that there is a reliable and safe back up of data is vital to ensure the smooth running of any business. Hosting your website and data on trustworthy virtual cloud will go a long way to protect your business from any disruptions. Our Cloud Hosting solutions rely on a number of dependable physical servers, which are maintained regularly to decrease any risk of data loss.

Speak to us today for more information on our Cloud Hosting service, and the other IT services in Manchester that we have available.

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