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Don’t ignore the workplace pension

6 November 2015

By now, we’re sure you’ve all seen the Department of Work and Pensions’ new advert campaign highlighting the importance of workplace pensions.

The campaign features as its main star, ‘Workie’ a giant, multi-coloured, fluffy mascot who spends the entire advert wandering around the UK wondering why different groups of people aren’t paying attention to him; the physical embodiment of the workplace pension.

“Employer?” Workie asks, “Then you’ll need to provide your employees with a workplace pension.”

“Nannies?” Workie says, “Don’t forget to pay in so your employer pay’s in too.”

Unbelievably, this message has cost the Department of Work and Pensions over £8 million to spread – the same message that we’ve been telling you all for free! If you keep up to date with our blog posts you’ll know that we’ve been regularly posting about the need for companies and employers to adequately prepare for the Auto-Enrolment Pension Scheme and the consequences for those that fail to do so.

Here at DTE accounting in Bury, amongst our range of services, we can help businesses prepare for Auto-Enrolment ensuring every measure and step is taken to complete the transition. There are so many points that have to be addressed that even if you feel you can fully handle the transition yourself, it can take a lot of valuable time away from your business. Important steps include choosing a suitable workplace pension, adapting your payroll software and the RTI implications of workplace pension.

To ensure you stay on track with the day to day running of your company, and to ensure you don’t fall foul of any Auto-Enrolment pitfalls, let us here at DTE Payroll Outsourcing handle the process for you. Contact us for more information.

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