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The Best Way to Store Your Records

25 May 2022

Do you often struggle storing your records? Are you forever losing receipts and important invoices?

The way we store our information is changing. There are many apps nowadays that have the ability to store records electronically and search for specific items. This is much more manageable than searching endlessly through your files, only to discover the item you are looking for is located elsewhere.

We asked our Outsourcing Advisers which app they would recommend:

‘We recommend using Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank as it is really user friendly. You can store invoices and receipts along with sales invoices and bank statements. Being able to take photos from your smartphone or tablet on the go is an added bonus!

The great thing about Dext is that you can integrate it with numerous accounting software. Such as Xero, Sage, FreeAgent, QuickBooks and many more!

We have received a lot of positive feedback from clients who really like using Dext. The favourite feature is generally being able to take photos as and when making a purchase, without worrying about the missing receipts or invoices.’

For advice regarding your accounting software, or to find out more about Dext, contact one of our Outsourcing Advisers in Bury.

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