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Benefits of Cloud Hosting

15 January 2016

One of DTE’s many IT services in Manchester is Cloud Hosting and consultancy. Businesses these days understand the importance of good quality IT support, but not everyone has cottoned on to the benefits of Cloud Hosting and why it’s so important.

Read on to find out why we offer Cloud Hosting as one of our IT services in Manchester.


If you host your date upon one physical server, you’re running a risky business. If that one server crashes, it means you could be offline for hours, days or weeks without access to vital data. Even worse, you could lose that data forever, with no way of retrieving it. By hosting your website or data on a virtual “cloud” you protect yourself from any kind of disruption. The cloud draws its resources from a variety of physical servers which enables it to decrease the risk of any loss of data. And if one server goes down it has the rest of them to use rather than having all its eggs in one basket.

Physical Security: 

Despite the cloud being a virtual process, the physical servers are all still housed within secure data centres, which make them less vulnerable to any kind of attack or disruption.


The capacity of one physical server is pretty rigid whereas cloud hosting does not have to work within these constraints. Functionality can be increased without much fuss or hassle by gaining access to multiple servers.


Clients love that you only pay for what you use! This cuts down on wastage dramatically.

For more information on Cloud Hosting or any of our other IT services in Manchester please contact DTE today.

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