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5 Useful Lessons Businesses Can Adopt From the Pandemic

9 August 2022

by Fatema Daud, Corporate Finance Executive

As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to its knees. Many businesses witnessed the negative impact first-hand. Many of whom succumbed to the pressure. Some flourished and others are still navigating the changed landscape. As with every changing situation, there is an opportunity for learning. We have gathered the following key lessons from our clients’ experiences when trying to find the right path for their businesses:

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1) Adapting to Change

Businesses that have been dynamic and responsive to change have managed to survive. Some have even flourished by capitalising on the opportunities presented. Businesses that have not been agile have either not survived or taken major losses. The pandemic has reinforced the importance of flexibility and evolution during times of change.

2) Diversification

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is an age old but valuable lesson. Reliance on a single product, or customer concentration, increases the risk of your business. Similarly, do does being overly reliant on one supplier. As this can cause disruptions in supply chain. Concentration of customers, or suppliers, also affect negotiating power and can prove expensive. Diversification in all aspects of your business model will help with growth and competition.

3) Strong Relationships

Nurturing strong relationships with your stakeholders will ensure that your business will have their support to wade through the tough times. Suppliers may allow lenient payment terms or agree to longer-term payment arrangements. Customers and employees will remain loyal. Lenders will be more understanding and adaptive. Long term relationships, whether contractual or otherwise are the foundation of a strong dynamic business.

4) Maintaining Organisational Culture

A company’s culture reflects its personality and is driven by the leaders. They set the tone for the values of the organisation. The pandemic has been very challenging for this process due to remote working. Leaders have found it difficult to communicate. Whilst employees have found it difficult to understand and emulate their core values because they don’t see evidence of them in their day-to-day lives at work. Organisations that have successfully navigated the troubled waters have been prescriptive, mindful, and creative in their approach.

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5) Brainstorming Brings Innovation

Listening is as important as speaking. In a fast paced technologically driven market environment, it is important for leaders to stop, think and reflect. Brainstorming ideas and getting feedback from the stakeholders of your business helps drive innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. This, in turn, will drive sustainable business growth. Those businesses that have adopted this approach have survived the pandemic, some have even thrived.

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