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Still time to settle loan schemes with HMRC, but be quick!

The deadline for submitting loan scheme particulars passed at the end of September 2018. However, HMRC has confirmed in their latest April 2019 Loan Charge guidance, there is still time to reach an agreed settlement and thereby avoid the 2019 charge – this is potentially relevant for ALL EBTs, EFRBS, Contractor Loans and all other[…] Read more »

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A lightbulb moment (almost) for HMRC on electric cars

With its recently published advisory mileage rates for electric company cars, HMRC have plugged (sorry!) what was an otherwise gap in their advisory fuel reimbursement rates for employees who use their company cars but who are personally responsible for the fuel costs (or in this context, for the costs of charging their electric car). Sitting[…] Read more »

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New Capital Gains Tax for overseas investors in UK real estate soon coming into effect

If you have not heard about it yet, earlier this year the UK government has released draft legislation regarding its proposals to extend capital tax gains (CGT) to include all gains arising to non-UK residents from the sale of land and property in the UK. This is to be applied from April 2019, little more[…] Read more »

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